I still cannot believe that the big luggae opened on my floor, in the room of my college, is going to be filled with all the stuff I brought here downunder. And not for going to travelling around Australia and to enjoy the beauty of this amazing country, but just to come back home, to Italy.
Today it was a good day.
I walked for the last time in the city which host me for 5 months, the beautiful Melbourne.
It was full of different colors, different sounds, different accents as every time and ,as every time, was simply outstanding.
It is hard to describe with words what this experience in Australia gave me.
Every people I met here was a story, every place I visited is gonna be an unforgettable memory.
I learned how to study in a different language, I learned to appreciate a different academic system and I deeply enjoyed the life on campus.
Border Crossings, you gave me something which is not easy to descrive by words but which is totally impossible to forget.
I wish that everyone will have the opportunity to live a project like this around the world.

Australia, this is not a Goodbye but a
“see ya soon, mate!”


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