Bye Adelaide!

It’s been ages since my last blog, but finally I had time to write one! Just as most of the students, I guess, I’ve been busy writing essays, studying for exams, working for the internship and of course also trying to make my last month in Adelaide a good one. But now most of all these things are done, I’m packing all my stuff, and I’m leaving Adelaide tomorrow.
I haven’t written anything about the internship I did yet, and I would like to share my experiences. Together with Jan I started my internship for the Border Crossing Program at the South Australian museum in Adelaide. We worked at the family history department of the research center, mostly digitalizing genealogies. After periods of assimilation and extinguishment a lot of Aboriginal history and culture is forgotten. Working at research center made me realize how important it is to make this knowledge available again. It is often knowledge that is lost within the communities, and regaining it is an important means of empowerment of Aboriginal people.
Doing this internship, following topics at Flinders, but above all, living here in Australia was an amazing experience. I’m a little bit sad to leave maybe, but I’m sure I’ll see most of the friends I’ve made again. Australians are planning to visit Europe, and the international students I’ve met from Europe are suddenly living very close, if compared to the distance to Australia. I would love to thank everyone in Adelaide that gave me this opportunity; the people of the Border Crossing program, the lovely family I stayed with and of course my new made friends. I’m very much looking forward to the next two months of traveling with them in Australia and Indonesia. Sure that that will be another amazing experience!

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