Completion Gathering

As Stefania already told you all, we had a completion gathering ceremony at JCU. Everyone was looking good with heels and ties as the dresscode asked for. I just didn’t expect that the ceremony would be so…. “American”? Don’t get me wrong; this is absolutely not an attack on America or the USA. It’s just that in the Netherlands we’re really down to earth. Ceremonies are only symbolic, but not a celebration for a certificate. Because’s just a certificate, not your diploma.

But still it was an amazing experience. I felt just like in the movies! We were called upon the stage, where the president of JCU presented us our certificate; we posed and waved while walking off the stage. Yes indeed people, it doesn’t get more American (film culture at least) than this. There was a professional photographer present who took pictures of everyone. One while our certificate was presented to us, and more while we were enjoying (free!) sushi, beer and wine. Yes, indeed: JCU knows how to make an international student feel special.

So a big shout out to the international office of JCU: YOU ARE AWESOME!

And I am using the proper word, because awesome literally means full of awe. Well I was full of awe the entire duration of the ceremony.

So again, I cannot repeat it often enough, thank you so much International office of JCU!Closing cerimony

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