can’t keep up!

Hi guys,

what a crazy month June is! I’m completely lost in books and notes, studying for exams and feeling a bit stressed about it (first is on Tuesday so keep fingers crossed!). But that’s not the only thing that happened to me already in a last week.

As a part of my super-internship I had to prepare a presentation regarding Poland’s Foreign Policy after the Cold War and present it to Griffith students from Griffith International Relations Association. Although before I was really nervous about speaking for roughly 30 minutes to native-speakers, it turned out to be quite an awesome experience since those students were (or seemed to be :D) interested in a topic, they asked a couple of questions and tried to make things for me as easy as possible so that I wouldn’t feel shaky.

Next thing is, of course, the one and only: State of Origin Game. As I started to understand rugby rules (finally, after attending 4 matches!) I was pretty excited about that particular game between Queensland and New South Wales for the title of the Australian’s State of Origin. Along with some friends I went to the Unibar to enjoy this time with a number of other students. I know, I know, I’m currently living in Queensland and I should support The Maroons, but I went for an underdog. I mean, a switch after 7 years (to clarify: NSW hasn’t won for 7 years now) is not a harmful change and The Blues (NSW) looked entirely determined. I got really involved during the game and didn’t even know when I started screaming : NEW SOUTH WALES, NEW SOUTH WALES! Very happy to say, that they won!! Unfortunately, State of Origin consists of three games and I won’t be able to see the second either the third one in Australia anymore. And here we go, the last thing for today, before I get back to exams…

I CAN’T BELIEVE I’ve got two weeks left in Australia. I had some time in between when I missed home and my best friends a lot, but the closer it comes to an end, the more I’d love to stay. Can anybody stop the clock?! I can’t keep up!

Good luck you all with your exams!


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