Time to start saying goodbye

Exactly one week ago I was taking part in the Completion Ceremony organized for us by International Student Centre. Stefania posted already an emotional report, and I can’t not agree with all she’ve said. I just don’t want to get to emotional myself. I still have 2 more weeks for that…

I haven’t realised, how fast time flies. I even almost forgot to get myself an internship! But fortunately I was lucky enough to get an amazing opportunity to work in refugee centre in Townsville – Townsville Multicultural Support Group. It was unbelievable, how fast everybody just accepted that, I’m there, able to help! After three days I had already scheduled appointments with clients! And as fast as it started – as fast was I done. And I had to say goodbye again…

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  1. kingakozaczka says:

    I’m shamelessly refusing to go back. Not acceptable. I don’t want to. I can even add hashtag #pleasepleaseletmestayiwillbegood

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