Week 13

Week 13 is the last week of lectures, the last week to hand in papers and the end of tutorials. The last day of my internship at 4ZzZ is close. I am inbetween planning a end of the year trip and burying myself in a pile of book to study for my final exams. About two weeks of studying are left which leaves me with mixed feelings: I want to be done with my exams, but I don’t want to be done with my semester in Brisbane.

All of the courses I took were really enjoyable, especially Islam in the Modern World, Australian Politics and Governance, and Political Leadership. The first one was about Islam, the interaction of “Islam and the West”, and modern foreign policy issues such as Israel-Palestine conflict. This course gave me a new perspective on Islam and the meaning of religion, the connection of religious traditions and ideas on governance, and the role prejudices and the mass media play. The study of Islamic ideas about governance, human rights, peace and conflict was interesting, and showed how orientalism and the assumption of differences form our world view. The comparison of Islamic Law and International Humanitarian Law, using Israel-Palestine conflict as case study, deepened my understanding of the issues I have been studying over the past two years.

In Australian Politics and Governance, and Political Leadership, the perception of Australia’s political role was the most interesting to learn about. Both courses required to write a research on topics I had absolutely no previous knowledge about which was challenging, but also interesting. Theoretical concepts were connected to current events and every lecture included vibrant discussions between teaching staff and students.

But now, we are quickly moving towards finals time!

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