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Quo vadis mate?

How do you know that your Border Crossings exchange is on the home stretch? When you can read your friend’s posts all about saying goodbye to Oz Land and how they are going to miss it. Unfortunately, I am absolutely … Continue reading

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The question of identity: Who am I?

As you could already tell that I got very inspired by my Global Migration Stories – subject, after having visited the Immigration Museum ( yesterday, I feel even more fascinated by people constantly moving around. Admittedly, it would have been … Continue reading

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Bye Adelaide!

It’s been ages since my last blog, but finally I had time to write one! Just as most of the students, I guess, I’ve been busy writing essays, studying for exams, working for the internship and of course also trying … Continue reading

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Goodbye Melbourne

Wow, time has flown! The time has come to say goodbye to my friends here and leave this beautiful city. Right now I am sitting in my room with my suitcase packed. I feel sad that my good times here … Continue reading

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Don’t cry for me A…ustralia!

Well, well, well. All good things come to an end and so my semester at Griffith. I’m flying home tomorrow and I still can’t believe it. I had an amazing time, met a lot of people from all around the … Continue reading

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Where is HOME?

I was sitting at Parliament Station waiting for the train to get home and started to take the fact more seriously of me leaving Melbourne. Heaps. It’s almost midnight over here and I came across with an online post by … Continue reading

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My little bucket list – 5 things to do before I… leave Melbourne:

Time is ticking and now I have just realised and accepted the fact that we are all getting older and so I started thinking about things to do before I leave this young city with its vividness. The list is … Continue reading

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Two down, two to go

One week left in Townsville, one week! I have two finals left, one international dinner to attend, bbq on the beach, “traditional” Swedish midsummer and goodbye party, and much more… Time will fly, I know that, and it is a … Continue reading

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THIS IS NOT ANOTHER FOOTBALL MATCH, THIS IS WAR! Wednesday 5 june 2013, one of the three greatest days of the year for NRLloving Queenslanders and New South Welshmen: State of Origin. Yes, indeed people: State of Origin. State of Origin is the annual best-of-three series of the rugby … Continue reading

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Innisfail traffic, Cessna 152/172, Tango Quebec Romeo, joining crosswind, runway 14, Innisfail.

My landlady is what we in the Netherlands, well actually everywhere in the world, call a BADASS. She always had a need for speed, but after years of driving it didn’t provide her with the same rush of adrenaline. So … Continue reading

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