Only a few weeks left

It’s been a while since I wrote on this blog. Not because I have been that lazy lately, but simply because last weeks have been so hectic and full with deadlines.

After handing in my third essay last week and fourth assignment this week, it is time to breathe again! And with the realization that I only have a few weeks of classes left, came the realization that also means I only have a few weeks left in Melbourne! It is only 2 more weeks of classes, only 2 more weeks to enjoy my campus life  have fun with my international friends and only 2 more weeks to enjoy this lovely city.

It is funny that the first time I arrived in Melbourne and on campus I thought I would never find my way around and by now I have even figured out short cuts. I guess the good thing about living in a different country, is that at one point you realize it is possible to feel at home even though you are not surrounded by family and friends. This experience for sure has makes me want to travel to more places in the world. Luckily, with all the exchange friends I have made, that will already be made possible next year. Can’t wait!

About J

Hi! My name is J and I from the Netherlands. I am in Melbourne for the first semester in 2013 as part of the Border Crossings Porgram. At home I am studying Language-and Cultural Studies, but here I will enroll in courses as 'Development, Globalisation and Culture', 'International Relations, States and Security' and 'Professional Internship'. Can't wait to experience the life of an Australian student here!
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