What I’ve learnt about USA in Australia…

Subject: Andy Warhol’s America. Oh, so you are studying about campbell’s soup cans? Actually not. Another proof that one should never judge book by it’s cover. I have to say that this course is one of the most interesting I have ever studied! It combines political, social history of United States in 50s, 60s, 70s with the history of art. It is amazing how art of that era was commenting on what was going on, in that particular period of time. I mean cold war, consumer culture, celebrity culture, homogenization of the society, civil rights movement and so on. It is also a pure pleasure to listen to the lecturer that is so passionate about this. We saw a lot of documentary movies, I have never came across before. It is true, we have to do a lot for that course: readings, essay, two exams. But in my opinion it is worth it!

With a clear conscience, I can say that, I have really developed my knowledge about America in Australia.

P.S. Sorry to those, who thought it is going to be a post about, what do Australians think about Americans. That is a horse of another colour…


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3 Responses to What I’ve learnt about USA in Australia…

  1. Hoang Tran Hieu Hanh says:

    Kinga! What do Australians think about Americans? I wanna know!

    (Though I could also ask my American housemate what he’s thinking about our five Aussie housemates…)

  2. kingakozaczka says:

    Hany you have to wait for that. Next episode ^^

  3. julitadudziak says:

    Haha, do you also have so many American students in uni? In Townsville they are like a half of all international students… And guess which nation is next… Norwegians!

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