Winter is coming….

It is slowly getting colder and the sun sets a little bit earlier every day. Energy level are lower, finals are coming up and one just feels like sitting on the couch with wrapped in a warm blanket.
The lecture halls are emptying, the library is packed, and everyone talks about holiday plans.

Today was the first day, my housemates turned the heater on and I have been wearing long pants and cozy sweaters week now. It is still warm outside, but it just feels like the time to wear warm clothes, eat pumkin and drink hot tea.

It feels strange that I am here and consider buying a warm coat, while I talk to friends back in Europe about all the great things we can do when I am back this summer.

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  1. aga says:

    oh dear, good to know that I’m not the only one in here who’s starting to freeze! definitely high time to grab a jumper 🙁

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