The best part of going on an exchange…

Hi mates,

Just realized it’s already the 15th of May… Time is seriously flying! It’s such a strange idea that I’ll have to leave all the amazing people I met and this beautiful country, within only one and a half month.

I expected my exchange to be great, but to be honest, it’s way more than ‘just’ great! The last couple of months have been some of the most fantastic months of my life and I learned so much thanks to my interesting teachers at Griffith University, my internship at Buffed and my new friends from all over the world! And the great thing about doing your exchange in Australia, is that you’ve got the opportunity to travel around one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

So far, I guess my highlights are the sailing trip around he Whitsunday islands, driving a 4WD on Fraser Island, enjoying the amazing city Melbourne and driving down the Great Ocean Road. I haven’t been posting photos yet, but I reckon it’s time to share some of the amazing views I’ve seen in Australia!
The twelve aposteles       Whitehaven beach - Whitsunday islands

Guided by wild dingoes on Fraser island      Chilling in a 4WD on Fraser

Melbourne City      Sleep well...
The idea of going away soon makes me a little sad, but luckily I’ll have some more nice trips to Fiji, Sydney and New York in view before going back to the Netherlands… Love it!

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My name is Floor(tje) Zweerink, I just turned 22 (it's been my first birthday abroad and in summer!) and I am a student in International Relations at Utrecht University. At the moment I am studying at Griffith University in Brisbane, and I am enjoying it to the max!
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