First day on the job

Yesterday I started my first shift of my internship. I’m now occupying a position in the capacity of the Emergency Department of the Townsville Hospital. My shift starts every Monday at 8.00 and will finish at 4.00 pm. My colleague Mary is going to work directly with me every morning, and worked me in this Monday. I started a bit nervous, but Mary kept calm in the often busy and stressful environment. The keythoughts are: keep breathing, keep calm and don’t take it personal. Most people who come in are either (very) hurt, or worried about loved ones, so everything they say or do is not really directed to you. Even though working there can be very intense, it also feels so good. You’re really helping people and afterwards they are genuine thankful. One of the things I worried about before I started my internship was my lack of medical background, but you don’t have to need a background to help the nurses and doctors. By doing small things like helping with breakfast or handing out blankets, I’m helping the medical staff in such a way that they can focus more on the medical practices. The people coming in are also from all layers of the society. It’s very interesting to see how diverse the people in Townsville are, the hospital doesn’t sent anyone away, so the patients in the waiting room can sometimes be a small representation of the community.

I really, really, really hope I don’t see you at my internship, but if so; look for the yellow shirt because I’m there to help you.

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