By now, I am half way through my assignment marathon and I started by my internship. So from now on, I will be working at a community radio station every Monday for the next couple of weeks. I am surrounded by interesting, colorful people, heaps of music, and vibrant history of the radio. Together with another intern, we catalogue old documents, music, and old interviews. This week’s highlight was organizing the radios library. As the radio is founded and organized by the community, the radio promotes local bands and has shows about women’s issues, independent music, youth issues, gay and lesbian issues, alternative news, book or movie clubs, different genres of music. This makes working there extremely interesting since I have never seen or heard about all these great bands from the Brisbane area. Can’t wait to go back next Monday!

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  1. Hoang Tran Hieu Hanh says:

    Which radio station is it?

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