International student’s life on campus

Last week I’ve finally got my concession card. I applied for it the week I came to Townsville, cause everybody was saying, that without it I won’t get any concession for transportation in Queensland (apparently student ID is not enough…). After two weeks I came back to the International Student Centre asking, when can I expect the card. That time I learned, that all applications from the whole state are send to Brisbane and that it can take a while…

So after two months I’ve got a little impatient and came asking about it again. This time I’ve got the promise from the staff in International Student Centre, that they’ll do all they can so I could get it before I leave Australia. And believe me or not, after next two week I’ve got a phone call. The guy from International Student Centre saw that my card came and called me, so I’d know right away. It was so nice of him!

This whole time I still can believe how thoughtfull people at JCU are about international students. And how many awesome events are created just so we would feel welcome. Every month we have a Free Lunch Friday – this friday we’ll have traditional Aboriginal band playing during the event!

And lately they also started a Cafe International on Tuesday mornings. Which means that every Tuesday they set up a place to chat and hang out for international students and serve free coffe, tea and hot chocolate. So far I wasn’t able to come, because of the classes, but next week they’re going to make the event last a little longer, so me and my friends could make it. Just because I asked them about it! How good is that?


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  1. kingakozaczka says:

    Haha, better late than never Julita!

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