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Since my last post much has happened. I had two wonderful weeks of traveling along the coasts of Victoria and Tasmania. Although rather cold and rainy, Tasmania had probably the most impressive and diverse landscapes I have seen in a while! (visit it, if you have the chance!)


The last blog entries I read all talked about the feeling of having established a new home. I can totally sign this! Though I really enjoyed my trips, I was glad to be back in Adelaide! Now, Uni has started again and I am about to start my internship at the Museum of South Australia. After a first meeting with the coordinator of the internship, I am very much looking forward to starting it and getting some insights into Aboriginal research. At the same, I have a bunch of deadlines coming up. Unfortunately, I am having a very very hard time focusing on school work at the moment, since there are always other tempting things going on…:)

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  1. Marie Philipp says:

    Aboriginal research sounds amazing. I find the history of the Abroiginals quite interesting, especially the way how it is dealt with by the Australians today. So much has been messed up and destroyed which makes the “fixing” progress so important and interesting.

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