Meet me half way!

Hello everyone !

Today is already the 3rd of May. Incredible. It feels like time is running by! Exam period is getting closer and closer and you can notice it because the library starts to be very busy and full of people wearing their headphones, looking at the screen, yawning and someone even can fall asleep. The main problem is always the same: the heat ! I wonder how Queenslanders can study with this summer weather all the year. Hopefully the AC can help us and stop us from go jumping in the river.

Anyway, I started my Internship as assistant of a teacher .It’s awesome! I can learn a lot from this experience and above all he will help me in collecting documents for my bachelor thesis , because the topic is closely linked to his field of studies!

This Sunday a big event is going on in Townsville :  Grooving the moon festival. It seems to be a big deal here in the city everyone talks about it. Twenty bands are going to perform on the stage for the whole day and thousand people are coming from different cities of Queensland. I ‘m pretty sure it will be an awesome weekend, starting from the Night Market on the Strand tonight!


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