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Only a few weeks left

It’s been a while since I wrote on this blog. Not because I have been that lazy lately, but simply because last weeks have been so hectic and full with deadlines. After handing in my third essay last week and fourth … Continue reading

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Things make sense

I am and have been studying four different subjects in four different areas here in Townsville. Indigenous Australian Worldviews, Globalisation: Historical Perspectives, Culture, Knowledge & Environment, Government and Politics in developing Areas, in other words, Indigenous studies, history, anthropology and … Continue reading

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First, two of my posts here seem to have disappeared somewhere along the way, so I’ll try to make up for that later. A lot of my experience here so far has been very interesting, funny and different from Sweden. … Continue reading

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Shopping in Australia <3

What I really like in Australia? Shopping. No, not because it’s particularly cheap (it isn’t) or the items are standing out (although I do like fashion here). It’s more about how salespeople are treating consumers. Okay, I admit, I hate … Continue reading

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Just keep moving.

As everyone else, I am flat out with uni work. My last essay about my family history and the story about my Mum migrating from Asia to Europe was such a pleasure to write. It was fascinating how much she … Continue reading

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What I’ve learnt about USA in Australia…

Subject: Andy Warhol’s America. Oh, so you are studying about campbell’s soup cans? Actually not. Another proof that one should never judge book by it’s cover. I have to say that this course is one of the most interesting I … Continue reading

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Winter is coming….

It is slowly getting colder and the sun sets a little bit earlier every day. Energy level are lower, finals are coming up and one just feels like sitting on the couch with wrapped in a warm blanket. The lecture … Continue reading

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The best part of going on an exchange…

Hi mates, Just realized it’s already the 15th of May… Time is seriously flying! It’s such a strange idea that I’ll have to leave all the amazing people I met and this beautiful country, within only one and a half … Continue reading

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Last but not least

Here I am, after my last trip around Australia – this time it was one and only – Fraiser Island. I don’t have enough time (and probably money) for travelling more, but I guess that finishing that part of exchange … Continue reading

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Autumn is here!

Autumn arrived and girls in Townsville started to wear leather boots, sweaters and wool hats. You Europeans may say that that’s the typical “autumn outfit” that everyone would wear during this season. So what’s wrong with that? Well, the weird … Continue reading

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