Annoying things in Townsville: Top 5

5. Dogs. Everyone in the neighborhood where I live have dogs. Everyone! And they are always barking early mornings. Always!

4. The food prices. Australia is an expensive country.

3. The weather. Right now it is probably around 26-27 degrees and perfectly sunny. How am I supposed to be able to focus on my studies?

2. The public transportations. People in Townsville hate pedestrians. Therefore they have made the bus network in the city as slow and unpredictable as possible.

1. Flies. They are everywhere. If you take your eyes of the food for two seconds you can bet on that they are there in an instant taking a bite of your carefully cooked meal.

Now, this may seem a bit negative and boring, but I just wanted to balance all the happy, fun times up a bit with some whining now when I sit inside on a Friday afternoon writing a paper. I promise the next post will be more up-lifting!


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Spending one semester at James Cook University in Townsville, Australia.
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