Time flies…

It is hard to believe, but I am officially half way through my semester! 9 weeks have passed and there are still 9 weeks to go which makes it the perfect time to take a step back and review the experience.

In the past 9 weeks, I found a new home with lovely housemates; I got used to life in the suburbs, Australian slang and started to identify myself with my surroundings. It is still easy to spot my accent and I am still pretty active in trying to make people understand that there is no point in using the word capsicum, but I pick a bus with my eyes half closed.

I have written the first papers, passed the first exams, and figured out which books I don’t have to read and what to prepare for each tutorial. I started to explore the outdoors, and spend Saturdays hiking for 7-8 h.

Still, 9 weeks to come which gives me plenty of time to enjoy the little joys of everyday life like walking through the bush to uni or watching geckos lurking at my kitchen window and time for new adventures and challenges. My internship is about to start, too much of the city is still unexplored and plenty of assignments due soon, so I won’t get bored anytime soon.

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