Easter in the tropics

Cairns Easter break arrived last week, and with it also my first trip with destination Cairns. My adventure began with a delay of an hour at the Greyhound bus stop. At 2 a.m. our bus finally came, and my friends and I were on our way. Four hours later we arrived broken and tired in the city of the tropics. My first impression was fresh air (after a musty bus ride), and deserted streets. My second impression was palm trees, a more various range of shops (than Townsville) and a lot of birds. We walked to our hostel; Asylum Hostels.

First impression? Dirty, overdue and cheap. I was scared to go inside, but after we came closer we heard salsa music, we saw hammocks with people lying in it and people drinking coffee while chatting with other people (all dressed in their PJ’s). We we’re welcomed by Anne, the beautiful and lovely owner of the hostel. She took her time with us, made interesting conversation and really made us feel welcome. “Tonight we have a BBQ for 4 dollars, you girls should join us!” and with that comment she made an unbreakable impression.

We settled in our room, ate some breakfast and hurried to the bus stop to go to Kuranda. Because we enjoyed our view of the city a bit too much, we missed our bus. After some hassling in our todo-list for Cairn, we decided to go to the Botanic Garden instead and hike up the Red Arrow Trail, and partly the blue Arrow Trail. On the top we met Paul from Germany, who also stayed in Asylum. Together we walked back with an appetite with which we could eat two entire cows altogether. When we got back to Asylum the barbie was out and cooking, while the entire hostel was waiting to attack the food. We joined the party, which can be described as a night full of barbequed food, goon and “Hey how are you going? Where you from?”.

The second day we woke up early in the morning to go on our newest adventure: the Great Barrier Reef. Together with Paul, we went to the harbour. We were greeted by friendly staff and after a cup of coffee we were on our way to the Reef. I don’t think I can find the right words to describe the experience. Luckily I got some pictures to show it instead!

Stefania and Ruth-Eva Diving


The Sunday we went to Kuranda, the “real” city in the tropics. Kuranda is surrounded by tropical rainforest. It was an hour of hiking in beautiful sceneries.
Ruth-Eva, Stefania and Alyssa at Kurenda

When the last day arrived, I felt so bad. Everything on our trip was amazing. The Hostel was great, the guests were great, basically everything was amazing. I’ve met so many amazing people there! So if anyone of you is planning to visit Cairns(please do!), take this advice: go to Asylum Hostels, it will be the best time ever!

Stefania and Ruth-Eva with amazing view


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