Time flies when you are having fun…

This title is such a cliché. Yet I have to say, time flies by so fast than I am starting to realize soon I will be half way my exchange experience in Melbourne!!! One and a half month ago I couldn’t imagined how great my life as an exchange student would turn out. Living so close to internationals on campus, makes it easy to meet up with my friends every single moment of the day. My lovely housemates also make every day (and night) more interesting and teach me more on cultural differences. Besides, living on campus makes it easy to go to classes and by now I even start to figure how to make short cuts, while 1,5 month ago I didn’t even know which bus was going to the supermarket.

And then I didn’t even mention that Melbourne as a city makes it so interesting being on exchange. Yesterday for example, I went to the night market with my friends. When we arrived it turned out to be quite big. There was life music, little shops with food from all over the world and cocktails to enjoy. Melbourne is full of cultural events. So last week I checked out a concert of the Passenger in the theatre. He is pretty popular and the Netherlands and I really wanted to see him perform. The concert was held in a little concert hall which made it a quite personal concert. It was great! Walking back to the bus stop with my friends made us realize that Melbourne has so much to offer and that we still want to see and experience this city so much more, before we are running out of time. Yes living an hour away from the city makes it hard going in the city sometimes..

I therefore decided that when I leave this city I have to know it by heart, which means in the upcoming weeks I will at least spend once a week checking out a new museum or neighbourhood I didn’t see yet. Let’s see how it turns out. As for now I first I have to keep up with all my deadlines (a lot I can tell) . Tor the upcoming week (holidays!) half the week I will spend some time in Melbourne to study for exams, the other half of the week I will enjoy my Easter Break. I will fly to Brisbane to visit my friend Floortje, who is also part of the Border Crossings program. Afterwards, I will go to Byron Bay with a group of 15 internationals to enjoy our holidays. I wish all of you a happy Easter. So maybe this year we can skip the search for Easter eggs and enjoy summer 😉

Cheers, Judith
PS. Samanta and I got accepted as an intern at Global Ceres, a development organisation with projects in Indonesia, India and Cuba. So excited! We are going to help them set up development projects in East Timor and Cuba and we will start the week after Easter. So by then I will tell you more on what exactly it is that I have to do !

About J

Hi! My name is J and I from the Netherlands. I am in Melbourne for the first semester in 2013 as part of the Border Crossings Porgram. At home I am studying Language-and Cultural Studies, but here I will enroll in courses as 'Development, Globalisation and Culture', 'International Relations, States and Security' and 'Professional Internship'. Can't wait to experience the life of an Australian student here!
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