Fall is coming and the morning start to be a little chilly, but this shall not keep one from celebrating HOLI!

Holi is also known as the festival of spring, harvest festival or the festival of color. It has a religious background and massively celebrated in countries like India or Nepal and by the Indian diaspora all around the world.

One of Brisbane’s benefits is the great cultural diversity which not only leads to food from all over the world, but also adaption of cultural happenings.

Last Weekend, a Holi celebration was organized by the University of Queensland Indian Society on the QUT campus and turned out to be crazy fun. Loud music, people, Indian food, and even more important: colored powder. The powder is used to color the people around you by sprinkling, throwing or applying it on them. Now add loud music and water pistols. It turned into a huge water/ color powder fight and by the end, everyone was wet, happy and colorful.

Great childish fun and better explained in pictures:






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  1. aga says:

    Oh! I was actually wondering what was going on this weekend since some of my friends living in a uni village were covered completely with that powder. Good to know the reason now 😉 If you come across other nice activities around Gold Coast/Brisbane, let me know 😀

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