One month, one week so far!

Exactly one month and one week passed since the moment I landed into Tullamarine Melbourne Airport.

Time runs fast.
One month ago I was still freaking out, worried that I wouldn’t have met nice people here or that I wouldn’t have enjoyed enough my time.
What I can say now is that it’s hard to find a free moment even for breathing 🙂

Life on Campus gives you the opportunity to live 24/7 in a multicultural, crazy enviroment.
The funny thing is that the majority of people here think I am spanish or south american, because I am spending a lots of time with south american friends, speaking in spanish with them. For this reason more than once people simply believed I was coming from some southern country as Peru and it was hard to convince them I am from Italy 😀

In 4 days me and my south american friends we are leaving for 5 days to the Great Ocean Road and Adelaide for the Spring Break.

It will be my first trip inside Australia, I’ll update you!

Good luck to everyone 🙂


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