I have been in Townsville for some time now and I believe that you could say that I have adapted to the lifestyle here. Laidbackneverstressednoworries-type of style that is. I also feel like I have gotten used to the weather, or is it probably the fact that the weather has gotten less humid and more pleasant, probably a combination. This new knowledge of the town makes it easier and more fun to live here.

Going down to The Strand in the evening with some food, sit by the water and feel the cool (o well) breeze, go to the nice little café by the Botanical Park and have a cake and coffee which they actually make some effort in doing or go down to the market on Flinders Street on Sundays for some locally produced veggies and fruits. All these little things that you discover on the way makes Townsville feel more like a home and less like a place I’m just visiting.

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Spending one semester at James Cook University in Townsville, Australia.
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  1. Jim Matahelumual says:

    …..and it looks and it feels like home.

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