Magnetic Island

Last weekend I and two of my friends took a day-trip, with a slight hangover to Magnetic Island. It was an awesome trip which included a lot of walking in the extreme heat during the middle of the day and some scenic views like this one:

Magnetic view

In the evening we were properly worn out and it felt good to take the ferry back to the main land. Though, the adventure did not stop there. Thunders and lightning welcomed us to Townsville and we were seconds from being totally wet when the sky opened up just before we reached the bus stop. All in all a great day that showed exactly what kind of extreme weather there can be in this region, even if it is just for one day. Tomorrow I am of to uni for a free lunch and then it we set aim for walking to the top of Mt Stuart. See ya.

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Spending one semester at James Cook University in Townsville, Australia.
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