Oh, O-week.

I was so snowed under (busy), so finally, my blog entry on the orientation week at La Trobe University:


Ahem. A good intro for the orientation week. The lesson in Aussie English was indeed really useful and amusing at the same time. I used some of the expressions and words when talking to my housemates and yes, we do understand each other.

Whadyabihupto? = What have you been up to?

I made a sanger (sandwich) for lunch.

We’re having chook (chicken) and spuds (potatoes) for dinner.

Where’s the dunny (toilet)?

He’s got a few ‘roos loose in the top paddock. = He’s crazy.

Crikey! = I’m surprised!

It’s my shout! = I will pay for you! (… or even more useful: It’s YOUR shout!)

Ta: Thank you

My favourite is “Emma Chissett” a.k.a. “How much is it?”.



As I mentioned before, the Bundoora campus is gigantic and so is the variety of animals that can be found here. The wildlife sanctuary covers 30ha and it’s home for kangaroos, snakes and a great variety of birds. During our wildlife park tour, there were no ‘roos in sight, but we encountered a blue-tongued lizard:


Unfortunately no photos here, but who would have liked to see me speeding at the highway (oh, I miss the German Autobahn…), turning right and finding myself not on the left, but on the right side of the road, finally knocking down two pedestrians? You got my point. Nonetheless, I think it is a good opportunity to get familiar with the Australian traffic system, especially if you intend to rent a car and have a road trip with your mates.


Apart from those activities, the uni also offered a scavenger hunt, a bus trip to the Preston market where you find veggies, fruits, bread, etc. for reasonable prices, heaps of free stuff by a great range of political/cultural/religious associations and sport clubs, and most importantly, we were graced with free barbie (BBQ) throughout the entire week!









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  1. samantapettinelli says:

    Oh yeah, free bbq all the week, I was almost getting sick of eating sausages 🙂

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