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Some things doesn’t change

When you arrive in a different country than your own things will force you to change some parts of your behavior. For example here in Australia, I now have to talk English to everyone I meet (except to the Swedish … Continue reading

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Time flies when you are having fun…

This title is such a cliché. Yet I have to say, time flies by so fast than I am starting to realize soon I will be half way my exchange experience in Melbourne!!! One and a half month ago I … Continue reading

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Trough Australian Eyes

We don’t hear that much about Australia in the news or at university back home. Their politics, the social problems they face, I just never really thought about it before I came here. Here in Australia on the other hand, … Continue reading

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Gold Coast Titans v Sea Eagles

On Saturday I had an undeniable pleasure to watch live my first rugby match ever (which according to my info is more popular than Australian Football in QLD). Of course, I haven’t got the foggiest idea about the rules (except … Continue reading

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Fall is coming and the morning start to be a little chilly, but this shall not keep one from celebrating HOLI! Holi is also known as the festival of spring, harvest festival or the festival of color. It has a … Continue reading

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Culture shock are you yet to come?

When reading other posts, I notice that many others have already experienced some sort of culture-shock. That made me think of the terrifying experiences I have had in Australia and to be honest, I couldn’t think of any. This might … Continue reading

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One month, one week so far!

Exactly one month and one week passed since the moment I landed into Tullamarine Melbourne Airport. Time runs fast. One month ago I was still freaking out, worried that I wouldn’t have met nice people here or that I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Old you on study abroad aaand it’s gone

“When you get back after such an amazing experience, you’ll be an entirely different person!” Study abroad is supposed to be a very enriching experience. The quote, not unknown to international students, shows how other people see it. Studying abroad … Continue reading

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Road trip

I have finally done my first road trip here in Australia. I rented a car and set out north two days ago with three friends, an American, a Canadian and a Norwegian guy. We loaded up the car with all … Continue reading

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Life is not always a bed of roses…or koalas.

I have to say this past couple of weeks were one of the most stressful time in my life. Some may criticize me for this confession. After all- I’m in MELBOURNE. What is here to complain about…? Well, when you’re … Continue reading

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