Melbourne, 4 seasons, 1 day

Hello everyone!
I’m at LaTrobe Uni from one week so far.
First days have been hard, campus is huge and I honestly got lost a couple of times.
Fortunately I’m slowly getting use to it and Orientation week is helping me to know more and more people everyday 🙂
In less than one week classes will start, we will see how difference is australian teaching from my home university!
Right now it’s raining a lot while yesterday it was 30° and there was a huge sun shining, weather here changes continously, it’s true what they say: Melbourne has 4 seasons in 1 day!

I will update you again with the starting of the classes! 🙂

Have a great experience everyone!

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  1. Hany says:

    Hi Samanta,
    I couldn’t agree more on the crazy weather change in Melbourne today. I got fully soaked with rain while wearing a jumper and slipping in my flip-flops in the morning and was drying and sweating in the afternoon…

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