First days – the settling in

It’s already been 4 days since I arrived in Adelaide but it surely feels like ages since I said goodbye to all the people I love back home. I couldn’t have imagined a more extreme change: the weather (40 C of difference! wow), time zone (jetlag is a pain in the butt), side of the world and most importantly people around me. As I travelled here almost straight from finishing my mid-term exams it was such a nice change when here no one spoke about such unpleasant events. Next few weeks seem to be crammed with exciting meetings and orientation activities. I think I look forward  to hugging a koala somewhere here the most 🙂 So a trip to a wildlife park will be a must.

Few things I discovered about Australia:

– forget what you heard about people being relaxed, I have not met so many laid back people anywhere else 🙂

– the cities are definately not pedestrians friendly, most of the time you have 3 seconds to run across the street on green light

– distance is perceived almost the same as in the US, if you have a car everything is rather close, if you don’t then you are not in the best position 😉

– flipflops are the new black, they are worn everywhere! Maybe this wouldn’t be such a shock if I wasn’t coming from -2C Cracow 😉

-up to now only saw 3 Australian flags on homes, huge difference compared to every McDonald’s in the states having at least 2

– last but not least, there is a huge part of the library devoted to the enrolment services, uni staff helps you to enrol smoothly, huge like! (tu pozdrowienia dla zespołu usos ;p)

I will write to you soon.



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