First days in Adelaide!

After spending almost a week in Adelaide, South Australia, it seems a good moment to look back on what I’ve all been doing and seen around here. The first days since I’ve arrived here have been hectic and exhausting, with all those new impressions, and dealing with a jetlag and the huge difference in temperature as well, but these days were above all fantastic. It seems such a long time ago when I putted on my backpack (too heavy! literally half my own weight) and left for Schiphol airport.
The big adventure started even before I arrived in Adelaide, since I had a 16-hour stopover in Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur! Even though it was just for a day, it felt so good to be back in Asia after I travelled there last summer. The hustle and the bustle of the big city, with all its noises and its smells called up so many good memories and the idea of staying there to travel again was tempting. With a few Swedish guys that also just had arrived I walked around in town for a while through a nice rainstorm, had an amazing meal and slept for a few hours in their guesthouse (I was so tired that I just fell asleep on the floor).
I did managed to be perfectly on time for my next flight, and on Thursday morning I was warmly welcomed by the people I’m staying with. The Australian friend of a guy I met while I was traveling offered me to stay for a while with him (and his family, what I only found out at that moment). He is going to study at Flinders University as well, and is driving me around in town, taking me to meet all of his friends, to the beaches and the parties and so on.
Last Friday was the opening of the Fringe festival which lasts for a month and brings all sorts of performers and artists to Adelaide, turning the city into a different place. We sadly missed the big parade that evening, but had a fun night at ‘the garden of unearthly delights’, and as we just walked through the streets people were making music and dancing everywhere. These days there are performances all over in town, and parties popping up everywhere. Saturday night we went to one that was held in a small alley; they just putted a bar and stage in it and made a party of it.
People keep warning me that the experience of Adelaide during the Fringe, with all the parties and things going on, is not how it will be for the rest of the year, but for now I’m just enjoying it!
I spent the last days mostly just swimming in the pool and going to the beach, hanging around with the people I’ve met and with the Fringe parties, but I’ve also been exploring the city on my own, and organized all the things that had to been done at uni. I’ve now been there three times; it’s a beautiful place just outside of town in the hills, with all buildings surrounding a little lake.
So far, plans have been made to visit the Cleland wildlife park nearby Adelaide (you can cuddle with the koalas and feed the kangaroos!), to go surfing and waterskiing, and the go to the splendour in the grass festival this winter. I’m pretty sure that I’ll enjoy my time here in Adelaide!

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  1. Iris Korf says:

    Mar, dit lijkt net een zomervakantie waar je zoveel aan het genieten bent:). Erg leuk om je blog te lezen! Wanneer begint school eigenlijk? X

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