Having a very first look at The Land of Oz

I arrived in Gold Coast one week ago but still I feel tongue-tied! This place looks amazing and from the first sight it appeared to be so different from my hometown. Krakow, where I come from, is truly an old city while here everything seems to be brand new. But, after couple of days I realized that apart from architecture and the fabulous coast I’m walking along every day, those cities rather resemble than differ. Numerous international students, crowds of backpackers as well as places like clubs, pubs, cafes where you can simply hang out: those look exactly the same.
The shock came, when I saw my Uni campus for the first time. Although it’s huge and I got lost several times already, enough to say that I fell in love with it immediately. And it’s not only about how it looks like (new buildings, located in a quiet and green area), but above all, about the people there. Everyone (and I mean: everyone) is so helpful and so friendly! I already cannot wait to experience all of this when the semester begins for good.
For now, I’m more than delighted!
Looking forward to meeting other students from Border Crossing 😉

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