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Here come my first lines. I arrived in Adelaide some days ago.  Before entering the plane I was somewhat afraid of the long flight, but I can tell you, I have never had  a flight as pleasant as this one.  The plane was literally half empty, so I actually had an entire mid-row to myself! It was a totally new experience for me to be able to lie down in a plane across 5 seats 🙂

The first two days in Australia were a bit hard for me, though. Although I liked what I saw so far, I was a bit homesick.  I tried not to show it so much to others and stay as busy as possible. And guess what? It worked!  By now, my mood has undergone a U-turn. I have already met a couple of new people, have been quite outgoing and enjoyed  summer life in Adelaide.

Adelaide offers a lot of events these days. At the moment, there is the Fringe Festival taking place which lasts for more than a month and it will be followed by several other festivals. This makes it is very easy to find something to do during day and night.

Tomorrow, I will have my first introduction meeting at Flinders. I am already looking forward to it, but I will let you know about it next time.

Just two more things:

First:  An Aussie’s perception of distance differs a lot from mine. It seems, everything that’s within 3-4 hours of distance is considered very close over here.

Second: I believe that the following months are going to be a blast!

Until next time!


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  1. Anna Singhateh says:

    Glad that your home sickness passed! You have already experienced part of what were discussed at the Kick off, the U/S-curve… Looking forward to following your experience on the blog!
    /Anna, International Office Malmö University

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