this is it …

Yes the time has come, and it has come quickly.  Tomorrow I hand in my last essay and then the semester here in Utrecht is finished for me.  It has been an amazing ride and one that I am very pleased to have taken, I have experienced so much here that I would not have done so at home.  To all the staff at the university a huge thank you, and to my fellow international and Dutch students a warm hug for your friendship.  I wish everyone all the best for the future.  Utrecht University is definitely a great institution, thank you for hosting me.

I move out of my little room tomorrow and head off to Spain on Saturday, I am very excited about it and hope that there is some sun, it might help me re-adjust to the hot summer I am going to return to very soon 🙂
While it took a little getting used to, I actually enjoyed the snow and cold.  However, I really couldn’t do it long term !
I want to take this opportunity to wish all the Border Crossings students well for the future, thank you for sharing your journeys here ….
love, light and peace to all…

Yvonne (JCU)

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