It’s all coming to an end…

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last wrote, but there isn’t too much to tell you as I have generally been talking it easy and trying to enjoy my last little bit of time here in Krakow.

After spending 2 weeks in Poland over Christmas and New Years I was ready to get back on a plane and do a bit more travelling while I could, my time is running out so quickly and I am trying to make the most out of every day. I spent a week travelling around Belgium, seeing Brussels, Gent and Brugges and then continued on to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I had an incredible time walking around all of the different cities and experiencing the different cultures and lifestyles. My time in Belgium I spent with friends and it was great doing things the way locals do it; for example we were going out to some pubs for the night and we jump on the bicycles and away we go. I found the cities in Belgium to be extremely pretty with all of the old buildings and the canals, and it was also great to eat lots of Belgium chocolate and try their different beers. I traveled to Amsterdam by myself, but met lots of different travelers  whom most were also Australian. Amsterdam was not what I expected, my stereotype of Amsterdam is the Red Light District and Coffee shops, therefore I was thinking that it would be a dirty and kind of dangerous place (especially for a female travelling alone), but it was the complete opposite. Amsterdam is an extremely beautiful city with hundreds of canals, cute houses, boats and bridges and thousands of bicycles. And although the Red Light District is in really nice area of town, the government is in the process of shutting down many of the windows and coffee shops because they are trying to turn the area into Red Light Boutiques and shopping. I did different tours and it was great to find out more information about all of the different aspects of the city. Amsterdam is a beautiful city and it is extremely diverse, everyone is so tolerant of each other and it was an awesome experience.
I also caught up with another Border Crossing student from Flinders, studying in Utrech. It was great to swap stories and find out how she was enjoying her time in the Netherlands.

My last adventure was over the weekend, I went on a ski trip with a group of other international students, which was organised by ESN (Student exchange social network). We spent two days in the snow covered mountains, with the option to ski or snowboard. I had snowboarded once on a school trip about 6 years ago so I thought I would give it another go. I was much better than I thought I would be, I knew all the basics and was able to try and improve different techniques. As a majority of the international students had never skied or snowboarded before it was a great trip with plenty or crashes and laughs. You could have spent hours watching us try and get on and off the ski lifts. It was really great to finally try some snowboarding and spend some time up in the mountains during the winter, but I can hardly move today and I muscles in my body I didn’t know existed.

I have had to bring m exams and major assessments forwards so that I can get my results back to Australia as soon as possible, as I am trying to be accepted into a Masters program. The Professors have been great and are really helping me out with this; I have two last exams this week and then I am finished my studies here in Krakow. I cannot believe how quickly the semester has gone; but I am super excited to have some time off class and not have to worry about readings and assessments before returning to Australia in Feb and starting all over again. Once my exams are over I will spend the next week enjoying life in Krakow, preparing myself to leave and getting organised for more travels.

I don’t want my time in Krakow to finish, I am not emotionally prepared and I don’t think I ever will be! I have had such an amazing time in the last 4 months; I’m just not ready for this chapter of my life to end!!


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  1. Marleen says:

    Glad your image of Amsterdam has changed! xx Marleen (ex border crosser from Holland)

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