Last month of exchange :(

So here we are already, on the home stretch !
They say time fly’s when you’re having fun… Hmm mostly fun ha ha
Someone gave me some advice before coming away, and he was right in saying ‘one semester is not long enough’.  You just start to settle in and then it’s time to go.  Anyway, I’ve been busy researching for my two final papers and thank goodness that is all I have left to do.  I need a holiday 😉

Christmas was very ordinary for me but I had boxing day dinner at a beautiful Greek restaurant with a dear friend and then I went to Frankfurt and meet up with a friend from my home university, it was great to see someone I know to ease my homesickness.  I didn’t get out and about much but it was so nice to sleep in a comfy bed and stay in a great hotel, the food was excellent.  We went on a bus adventure (by accident) but it was really worth it, we got to see the side of Frankfurt most wouldn’t !  And the New Year’s fireworks were awesome.

It has been quite mild here in Utrecht for the last week or so, however, tonight is a bit chilly so maybe winter is going to arrive for real.  It would be nice to see some snow again before I leave.  I have met some really lovely people and I must admit I will miss some aspects of life here, especially the food.  Looking forward to my Spanish adventure, my reward once finished the semester 🙂

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