An A – Z of my last 6 months

A is for aeroplane, sometimes I felt like I had a fly in-fly out job and I know the Copenhagen Airport like the back of my hand, but I guess I shouldn’t complain too much!

B is for bike; my trusty form of transport around Malmö!

C is for Copenhagen; going to another country for dinner is certainly a novelty!

D is for daylight, which vanished before our eyes as winter drew closer

E is for Entre; the shopping centre home to the Systembolaget, the Swedish alcohol monopoly

F is for Festivalen; we were welcomed with a bang with Malmö Festivalen; free music and street parties!

G is for Glimminghus; the best-preserved castle in Scandinavia.

H is for Högskola; where I have learnt so much this semester, personally and academically

I is for International Relations; the whole reason I came to Sweden!

J is for Jo Jo card; my companion whenever using Skånetrafiken transport

K is for KB; where many great nights have been had!

L is for Lund, the next town along and home to some cool shops, great bars and a fantastic fondue restaurant!

M is for Malmö; the city which I have called home since August

N is for Norway; taking in as much of the Scandinavian culture as I could!

O is for Oktoberfest; beer, beer and more beer in Munich!

P is for pet; Frida the fish kept me company through the good times and bad!

Q is for queuing; whether it be Migrationsverket, the Apotek or simply a shop, you will always be asked to take a number and get in the queue!

R is for Rönnen; the building I have called home for the last 6 months!

S is for Svenska; I tried my hardest to learn the Swedish language (key work: tried)

T is for the Turning Torso; the defining landmark of Malmö

U is for university, which was sometimes put on the back burner, but never forgotten!

V is for Värnhem, the bus station closest to my house!

W is for weather; whether it was unexpected heat, icy wind, intense rain, silky snow or sub-zero temperatures, Malmö had it all!

X is for exploration; I have tried to make the most of location in Europe and have visited Germany, Russia, Estonia, Iceland, Finland and the United States with more to follow!

Y is for youth hostel; sometimes staying in a hostel is a gamble but for the most part I’ve been lucky the last six months

Z is for Zombie Walk; an excuse to get dressed up and raise money for charity! Win!

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