Regaining composure

Hey fellow travellers,

Do you ever have to stop what you’re doing and contemplate the absurdity of what it is you are doing? If you’re taking a thermal bath in Sweden with a local, climbing the tower of Pisa or walking through a former concentration camp in Poland stop to think of how amazing this is! But the most mundane situations are also a miracle that we are doing them; cooking Pierogi in an apartment in Krakow with it snowing outside.

Every now and then I like to take a moment and contemplate what I’m doing with the mindset I left Australia with. It can put daily events into a refreshing perspective and make the travels we undertake almost overwhelming.

This first became apparent to me when talking to people back home – I’m sure you’ve experienced the same thing. A friend or relative asks what you did last week and you say, “I just went to Amsterdam/Belgium/Germany for a few days” as if it’s like going to the markets. And it’s from their response that the entire thing is put into this perspective. It’s very exciting, but it also predicts the impending end to this Euro-phoria we’re in. When we return home, will we enjoy these few months more than we have while we’re here? Possibly, but I think that will be extremely hard to do.
Because, like all of you, I’m having an absolute blast doing these extraordinary things!


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  1. yvonnelodge says:

    I agree, it is a blast to stop and realize where we are !
    It has gone so fast but yes, something we can look back on and remember with wonder.
    I am so glad I’ve missed the hot sticky Townsville summer even though cold isn’t my thing haha
    Great to hear you are having a brilliant time also.

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