Stories… Euro Christmas Dinner and Sweden

A couple of little stories…

Last week I went to a Euro Christmas Dinner, which was organised by ESN (international students social network thing), everyone who attended brought along a different dish that was typical for Christmas time in their country. I went with Emma (another Australia Border Crossing student), she made a lamington cake and I attempted to make a trifle. I’m sure most of you know what I am talking about, but for those who don’t it is bowl layered with jam sponge cake, custard, tinned fruit, jelly etc. Well this was an experience, something that would be made so simply back home was exhausting here. First I attempted the supermarket, there were no jam sponge cakes so I went with an apple cake, the custard was a bit challenging because they didn’t have any in the cold section so I went for a vanilla pudding/custard thing that I would have to make, I grabbed some cream and the jelly and tinned fruit was easy. I get home and start to prepare, everything went well, apart from some difficulties with the pudding. I tried to translate the instructions, cooking it on the stove, which I had never done before and then I put it in the fridge to set as I would normally do in Australia. I cut the cake up and lined the bowl, but I couldn’t find any Sherry to pour over it (as we normally would at home), so I covered it in Vodka :). 3 hours later when I am combining all the ingredients, I had a major problem… the custard was still like a running milk, so I went and bought some form of vanilla something at the supermarket and used this instead. My roommate then comes home and informs me that the pudding was suppose to be cooked on the stove until its thick and then you eat it (not put in the fridge to set) and she also informs me that the cream I bought was not cream at all, but something you put it soups. Anyways, I finally have a dish that kind of resembles a trifle and we set off for the dinner! There was lots of great, different foods to try and everyone talked about their different Christmas traditions. We then voted for which country had the best dish… and to our surprise the AUSSIES some in first place, winning the EURO Christmas Dinner!! I had extremely shocked after preparing something that was such a disaster but we were definitely happy to take home the basket of chocolates and goodies.


So far all of my travels have been really cruisey and I’ve had no troubles at all. But I guess with all of this good luck, I had to have some bad. My last adventure was to the beautiful country of Sweden. I went to catch up with one friend in Gotenborg (west side of Sweden) and to catch up with some Swedish guys in Stockholm (Sweden’s capital, on the east). I jumped on the bus to head to the Krakow Airport on Tuesday night; the bus stopped half way to the airport and wouldn’t go any further as a truck had gotten stuck on the side of the road and the bus driver was afraid he wouldn’t get passed. So myself and a couple of other jump off and start marching  towards the airport through the snow with our suitcases. 10 minutes in, after trying to flag down taxis, a beautiful old man stops and picks us up and drops us off at the airport. Ok sweet, I made it to the airport in time; I checked in and sit down with a couple of minutes until I am supposed to leave. Then I look up and the flight has been delayed over an hour. Are these signs? Am I not meant to go to Sweden?! Over my dead body, I was going to get there eventually!! Anyways, the flight went really smoothly, actually the smoothest RyanAir flight I have been on. After coming home from Budapest and nearly smacking my head on the seat in front of me when we landed (and I thought with a thick layer of snow, anything could happen), I was prepared for the landing in Stockholm; I had my arms reached out and I was braced against the seat in front of me but it was the smoothest landing, I didn’t even realise we were on the ground!!! I had a great night catching up with the Swedish guys and then the next day I had a train booked to Gotenborg to visit my Lucy. We woke up to a snow storm in Stockholm… fighting our way to the train station I arrive to find that half the trains had been cancelled and the other half delayed. My train was delayed for 2 hours before it was cancelled and then I was put on another that was also delayed. I got to Gotenborg 5 hours after I was suppose to arrive, but I got there!! I spent an awesome two nights with Luce, wandering around, meeting her friends and seeing where she lives and her new lifestyle. On Friday morning we jump on the tram to head into the city so I can catch up train back to Stockholm. But the power in the city centre was out and there were no trams running, so the tram we were on took us all around the city and then finally dropped us off somewhere where we had to catch a bus. My train was scheduled to leave at 10.42am and I go sprinting into the station at 10.45am to just jump on the train before it left!! But I arrived in Stockholm and that was where all the bad luck ends, thank goodness!!  I had an amazing weekend again wandering around, trying different foods and seeing the country side of Sweden. I spent one night in Balsta (the countryside, 30 minute train from the city), which is the town the guys were from and where their families live. It was the first time I had been in a home and a family environment in nearly 3 months, since I left Australia. It was amazing!
Oh and I forgot to mention that I ate smoked Reindeer K I’m a horrible person… its Christmas time and I ate REINDEER!!!! But it kind of taste like Silverside, and it was kind of really yum 😐 but I couldn’t bring myself to try the reindeer heart, that was just one step to far!!!

Apart from those couple of stories I don’t have much more to say… I hope you enjoyed my misfortune 🙂


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  1. yvonnelodge says:

    Trifle… I love trifle 🙂
    congratulations on the win for the Aussies !

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