Groningen today

Today i’m going to Groningen. The train ride is the longest possible in this country, so i can do some reading on it while getting some much needed time out of my room.

So far this week, i’ve been called a ‘crazy Australian’ for running all over my street in the fresh snow at 1 in the morning, and i made a snow man from snow on the roof outside of my window. Snow, snow snow snow snow. I love it. The slush isn’t very nice though – one time on my bikeI slid around for about 5 metres to the sound of some men shouting WOAHAHAH but managed to stay upright and received an applause for it. I couldn’t tell who clapped as I can’t see left or right very far because of my hood, so i just did a victorious punch in the air. It was a great moment.

Then I spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday nursing my head after falling down my stairs  -they are literally this vertical: / , and trying to read my Conflict Studies readings through the throbbing, and trying to not fall asleep in case i had concussion. It was fun.

But the event of my week was buying myself a fancy necklace by a Dutch designer so at least i felt somewhat glamorous on my couch in it and my pyjamas, and it’s nice to have something I can have forever as a souvenir of my stay here.

Snowman, before and after his abdominal ball inexplicably fell down the roof by itself leaving him with only the top and the bottom balls, hence transforming him into ‘Snowduck’.


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