It’s snowed today !

Hello people, well today I woke up to a surprise… SNOW !

Hmm not too sure how I feel about it yet, I come from the tropics and so the cold weather is not a favorite of mine.  Luckily today I had no classes so I stayed in and did homework.  Tomorrow will be interesting, if its snowing again I have to walk to class in it, which normally takes about half an hour.  Not a lot happening other than that, I have been going to some museums here in Utrecht with a friend and then we go out for dinner and chat.  I really do love the Utrecht city center, but I do need to get out of town and see some more sights.  Not looking forward to Christmas as everyone I know is going home.  I will find something to do, probably spend the time writing final papers ha ha ….

Cheers everyone, hope your winter in Europe is treating you well.


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