Winter Wonderland

It snowed!

It did snow a couple of days ago, just for ten minutes or so, but then I woke up this morning to a beautiful winter wonderland. The footpaths, the open areas, the cars, the rooves, and the plants had all been doused with a gorgeous white coating while I slept.

I was a bit worried it might not snow before I leave, or maybe only a little, so I’m really glad it’s started early. I had some scanning to do today, for a rental application for when I go back (it’s really starting to hit me that I’m leaving soon, now), so I took the bus to the central station and then walked to the city library.

The walk to the library is beautiful, through a park that’s generally gorgeous anyway. With snow, it was even more incredible. I saw kids throwing snow balls at passing cars, and parents dragging their small toddlers behind them on sleighs. It’s amazing how disorientating snow is, everything looks completely different.

As always, I took my trusty old camera with me, and snapped a few shots.

About siantroath

I'm a student from Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, currently on exchange in Malmö, Sweden.
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2 Responses to Winter Wonderland

  1. caraferguson says:

    It’s only recently hit me that I’ll be going to be heading home soon too. I’ve got to admit that I miss summer.

    • siantroath says:

      I still can’t quite believe that I’m going to be heading home soon. I’m only just starting to get used to the wintery weather, though I miss the warm too. I’m quite looking forward to defrosting when I get back XD

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