A Balanced Lifestyle

Something I have been meaning to blog about is the other side of life here in Sweden! I couldn’t for a second pretend its been all work no play. I have managed to keep up a very balanced lifestyle while over here. One of the greatest parts of this exchange has been how very social it is. There has always been an opportunity to socialise while I have been here, both at organised events, and through living with over 100 other exchange students! One of my favourite parts of living together is our ‘family dinners’. In fact I am preparing one for about ten people tonight!

Recently I went on Esn’s Seabattle trip to Estonia, which was somehow the perfect mix of party and history. Not only was I able to experience the crazy atmosphere of having 200 exchange students on one boat, but I was also able to experience the old town of Tallinn, one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen!

I have also had the time to take a trip to Iceland with some great friends. I feel like there aren’t a lot of Australians that can say they’ve been there! It was simply amazing. I swam in geothermal pools, almost froze, and most importantly witnessed the awesome phenomenon of the Northern Lights. Simply amazing.

Whats best of all of this socialising and traveling is that I have truly met some of the most amazing people. I have made some really great friends along the way, and it’s an absolute pleasure to know that we are experiencing all of this together.

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