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Recent ramblings…

Hey everyone, Over the past 2-3 months my attitudes have changed several times in regards to this exchange. I originally came over here with the intention to stay abroad for much longer than the 6 months exchange. If I really … Continue reading

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My Polish Christmas

I was lucky enough to spend the Christmas holidays with my mentor Julita, and her beautiful family. She lives about 2 hours south of Krakow in a village near Nowy Sacz. Christmas in Poland has been extremely different to Christmas … Continue reading

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Things I am Going to Miss

As my time in Sweden is drawing to a rapid close (where has all the time gone?!), I thought I’d write a blog about some of the things I think are wonderful about the country, and that I’m going to … Continue reading

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Semi-spontaneous weekend in Luxembourg

Just walked in the door, put down my bags, drank a glass of milk and started writing this. I haven’t even begun to unpack. That’s how much I love you people. My weekend away in Luxembourg City was just lovely. … Continue reading

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Stories… Euro Christmas Dinner and Sweden

A couple of little stories… Last week I went to a Euro Christmas Dinner, which was organised by ESN (international students social network thing), everyone who attended brought along a different dish that was typical for Christmas time in their … Continue reading

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Groningen today

Today i’m going to Groningen. The train ride is the longest possible in this country, so i can do some reading on it while getting some much needed time out of my room. So far this week, i’ve been called a … Continue reading

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It’s snowed today !

Hello people, well today I woke up to a surprise… SNOW ! Hmm not too sure how I feel about it yet, I come from the tropics and so the cold weather is not a favorite of mine.  Luckily today … Continue reading

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Traveling with a little bit of study ;)

It feels like I only just sat down and wrote my last blog, but I think that was nearly 3 weeks ago. So again I have heaps of little stories to tell you about 🙂 In the last couple of … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland

It snowed! It did snow a couple of days ago, just for ten minutes or so, but then I woke up this morning to a beautiful winter wonderland. The footpaths, the open areas, the cars, the rooves, and the plants … Continue reading

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Study and Snow in Malmö

Well I have successfully completed my first subject! It was a really great experience to study in this way, being so different from home. I really am not sure how I will be able to go home to study after experiencing this … Continue reading

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