Two Centimetres of Rotterdam.

This is very exciting – I went to Rotterdam. I did only walk straight from the station to the The Rotterdam Schouwburg Theatre and back, but I haven’t gotten out much so it was super exciting.
Along the way I had glimpses of a city very different to everywhere i have seen and been so far in the Netherlands. If Utrecht is like Melbourne with its cobblestone streets and friendly accessibility, Rotterdam is like Sydney – a stark, unfriendly, looming business district. But I am originally from Sydney and I know that this horrid, deathly exterior can mean a rich underbelly of culture and life, difficult as it is to find out about or get into. I got to the Schouwburgplein and called my friend Setareh from outside as I had no idea where I was going exactly, or what i was going to see, for that matter, and met her inside for a glass of wine. Setareh is from Iran and has studied choreography in Amsterdam for the last few years. A friend of hers was part of this performance, and she was also acquainted with Kerin Levi, the concept artist and choreographer of it. I had no idea I was about to see – ‘The Dry Piece’ but was just going along, trusting Setareh to know quality.
The show was amazing. At first I thought, Oh no, what am i going to say, this is a bit clichéd.. but after the video projection started, I loved it. Phillip Glass-like music accompanied the dancers naked bodies projected from a video camera above their heads, onto a transparent screen between the audience and the stage, their formations resembling a kaleidoscope. The link I added there provides more information on the concept behind the performance. I think the artists intention was fulfilled. It was amazing, and definitely provoked thoughts in all the intended directions.
I would recommend this show to anyone else – the dates are available at the Home screen of that link also.
Meanwhile, Setareh is taking her new project/dance performance to Tehran over December/January, so hopefully I can make it there somehow, though all my intentions to travel while studying have failed so far so it probably won’t happen, but I hope i could.
Study is proving exceptionally hard for me, and not for want of time to spend on it. Being a mature age student means less in common with other students as a rule, so I have no study groups, and no friends at uni bar a couple of Border Crossings students from Australia. Grieving for my dad from here is really strange, he didn’t like mawkish sentiment at the best of times, so everything i feel, i feel like i should just get over and be logical about – but it is still hard.

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  1. caraferguson says:

    *sitting next to Kim while typing this* — Lovely post, dear!

    I need to get out more often for performances. Thanks for the tip 🙂

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