Dark before 5pm !

Hi all, well the second block of the semester is underway and the days are still flying by so fast.  Maybe it is because here in Utrecht it is dark by 5pm, oh I am so not used to this.  I am very relieved to have passed my first two subjects.  I am really enjoying the subject the Dutch Golden age, wow the Netherlands in that period of time was an enigma, so much going on.  I am getting out and about a lot more now, spent yesterday afternoon at the Centraal Museum Utrecht will have to go back to finish looking at all the things I didn’t have time to see.

I think the thing I love most here is eating out, there are so many different cultural foods to choose from and all within a short walk of each other, it is hard to decide what to try next.  The center of Utrecht is so much fun to just stroll around on the weekend, looking at all the different shops and the activity keep me smiling.  Yesterday I came across an amazing busker playing a harp, beautiful.  It is the time of year when Sinterklaas and his helpers, Zwarte Piet are everywhere, what a great tradition to experience.  Even with the outsiders controversial comments of ‘isn’t that a bit not politically correct’, it is the tradition and culture of the Netherlands so I am enjoying it with them.

Getting used to the winter here is a bit challenging, as I am used to basically having no winter where I live in Townsville, Australia.  However, it is bringing back memories of my first eight years of childhood growing up in a town called Orange (in New South Wales), and yes it was named after William of Orange.  There the winters got quite cold and it snowed as well but that was a long time ago, so I am slowly adjusting to this weather again now.  In the next few weekends I hope to take a few train trips out of the city to have a look at the countryside, and I am planning to spend New Years in Germany, so very excited about that.


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  1. siantroath says:

    I am the same with the winter and the dark! It gets dark by 4pm here in Malmo, it’s really hard to adjust to.
    Glad to hear you’re enjoying it in Utrecht!

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