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I have moved house, my new attic room feels very Dutch, especially the climb to get up here.. and i finally got in contact with the ever evasive landlady from the last place, and actually was repaid some money that … Continue reading

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(repost) A Note on the Language Barrier

I have always wanted to become a multi-lingual person. I think it is the great shames of being born in an english speaking country to an english speaking family that people often feel it isn’t necessary. Watching films and television … Continue reading

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Post 2: Study begins and the fun continues ..

Hello again 🙂 I feel as if I have so much to update you on since my last blog. I am lucky enough to still be experiencing a few more sunny days here and there in Malmö (However, I have … Continue reading

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A REPOST: Settling Into Sweden and The Student Lifestyle

Hello all.. Due to our old posts being deleted, this is a repost of my first blog 🙂 Hey there! My name is Amilia Kerr, and I am a student from Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia, who has been lucky … Continue reading

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Blog malfunction

Dear bloggers and blog followers, Unfortunately, our server was he victim of a crash the other week, which caused some users and all posts added after September 1, 2012, to disappear into thin air, or rather into the big black … Continue reading

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Malmö: Week 1

NOTE: For some reason, all our posts were deleted so this is a repost 🙂 Hej! Jeg heter Tom och jag är 21 år gammal. Jag kommer från Melbourne, Australien. For those non-Swedish speakers, my name is Tom and I … Continue reading

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