At Home in Malmö

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Sorry I’ve been absent for a while – but we are back on track. Sadly my last blog is lost forever… I made the mistake of not backing up. I’ve learnt my lesson. Lets move on.

So since my last introductory blog I have been so very busy. Really into the swing of study – and actually I’m almost finished with my first course.  It has been so interesting, not only the format, or the content, but also the way in which the course has taught me about globalization and cultural intertexuality. It amazes me the parts of Australian culture that have reached all the way here to Sweden. Similarily, the extent to which European culture influences Australia – even if subtly, is vast. It is a novelty and a pleasure to know that some of the books and movies I’ve grown up on have been the childhood favourites of my Swedish classmates, too.

University here is so different to home. I find the system of completing one subject at a time pure genius. I can devote all of my study time to one subject, and time management is an absolute breeze. I have no idea how I am going to go back to university at home and back to studying four subjects at once! There is no way I could be living the life I live here while studying at home.

Of course, it is not all hard work here. I have been so busy exploring what I can of Sweden and Europe with some fellow exchange students. We have been jet setting around ($30 flights? Come on!), but also exploring a lot more of Malmö. The weather is still nice enough to ride around, have picnics, and find lots and lots of shopping streets. It is wonderful to know that you can just keep riding around in Malmö and you will find something. Countless times we have gotten lost and accidently found beautiful parks and end up sightseeing instead of finding our way home.

Speaking of the weather, this is the first Autumn I have ever experienced and it is absolutely breath taking. The movies were not lying on this. You can run around and kick beautiful orange leaves everywhere! You can lay down in a pillow of crispy autumn smelling leaves! And you can walk through a park that you thought was beautiful and realise that what you thought was pretty has nothing on this change of season. I am impressed.

To completely change the topic, I attended my first placement recently. It was at an office in Malmö that deals primarily with the integration and settlement of immigrants. I was so interested to see what sort of assistance and policies Sweden has in place to assist its newcomers and I was absolutely blown away. The best part of this experience was being able to openly discuss, and contrast, the policies and even opinions of the Swedish and Australian governments, councils and populations. I was slightly embarrassed to admit some of the policies and opinions that Australia holds regarding particularly asylum seekers. I found it so beneficial to actually be able to discuss my own political opinions with experts in the field. I enjoyed my time at this placement so much that I have asked if I can return to sit in on some of the workshops they offer for new comers to the city. I can’t wait to blog about that, apparently they can get quite animated!

My next placement is tomorrow morning and I am really excited to see what that will entail. Well I’ll have out of bed before 10am for the first time in a while, so I better sign off.

Thanks for reading, and ill leave you with a few of my favorite happy snaps…. Some sightseeing, including a beautiful cow, which was just about the most exciting part about our costal town visit!


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  1. Thomas Murphy says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re loving Malmö as much as I am Briellen! Hopefully you have made some great friends to share all your memories with! Keep us updated!

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