Dealing with setbacks

I’ve been stressing too much lately. About getting full access to my Dutch bank account (a three week process), about buying a discount card for public transport (which first required a Dutch bank account), class assessment, getting a cold, having my bike and house keys stolen, and catching up on readings. (Ha! Life, I scoff at your minor trials.)

With all this in mind, I decided to change my outlook. When there is a lot to do, my strategy is usually to freak out and hope enough adrenaline will kick in to magic away my problems. It’s surprisingly effective, but quite a stressful way to live. So, following the instructions on the back of a postcard, I’m going to create a fantastic day. The steps are as follows: smile; join in; slow down; dress up; keep it beautiful. (Whoever stuck that postcard up in our apartment is awesome.)

So tonight I’ll have a fresh flower in my room, a candle softly burning, boppy music playing, a cup of tea in my hand, and some blank canvases inviting creativity.

Now I feel I’m ready to dance through life once more.

About Cara Ferguson

I am a student of English literature, Italian and French at Flinders University in Adelaide. This semester I am living the Dutch life while studying at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. I’m using this opportunity to work my way through my endless list of places I want to travel to, and also to work on my photography.
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