Blog malfunction

Dear bloggers and blog followers,

Unfortunately, our server was he victim of a crash the other week, which caused some users and all posts added after September 1, 2012, to disappear into thin air, or rather into the big black cyber hole.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused those who could not log in and keep up their great work blogging, and to those who have been enjoying reading the posts thus far.

The server is now back up and running, but unfortunately some posts seem to be gone forever. Those of you bloggers who have saved your posts at a local place as well (such as your own hard drive or a memory stick) should please post them again.

Again, we are very sorry, but we hope that this temporary malfunction has not put you off blogging or blog follwing completely, and that you will keep on posting excellent observations from your exchange semesters!

Linda, International Office, Malmö University

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