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Where has the time gone…

Hello my name is Yvonne, I’m from Townsville Australia and I am an anthropology student  at James Cook University.  However, I am spending a semester here in Utrecht the Netherlands, to study mostly Dutch culture.  As my first post disappeared … Continue reading

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Malmö: Month 2

Hej! Apologies for the delay between entries, the delay was caused by a combination of my business and a crash in the blog server! But I’m back on board and ready to update! So much has happened since my last … Continue reading

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The Swedish and Refugees

I already knew that the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia was horrible. However, actually seeing how positive Sweden is towards them highlights it all the more. We’ve begun our internship, with our third session today. It isn’t … Continue reading

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At Home in Malmö

Hey Hey! Sorry I’ve been absent for a while – but we are back on track. Sadly my last blog is lost forever… I made the mistake of not backing up. I’ve learnt my lesson. Lets move on. So since … Continue reading

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Settled in and loving it :)

Here’s some info about what’s been going on in the last couple of weeks… 🙂 As to be expected, Orientation week was crazy! At Jagiellonian Uni we have a network called ‘ESN’ who are a social team that provide and … Continue reading

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My Berlin Trip

Thanks to the minimal contact hours for university in Sweden, I recently (a month ago now, since I couldn’t post with the technical difficulties) found myself with five days free. What to do with all this time? Go to Berlin … Continue reading

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My trip to the other side of the world.

Hey all you travellers and troublemakers, I haven’t been able to log in to wordpress until now. So here is my first blog; I’ve come from Townsville, Australia (200,000 people) to Krakow, Poland (2million people) for 6 months; this is … Continue reading

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Time flies

Today I realised that I am one third of the way into my six-month European adventure. That’s a bit scary, considering how many more things I still want to do. Lately I’ve been settling into daily life more than I … Continue reading

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Dealing with setbacks

I’ve been stressing too much lately. About getting full access to my Dutch bank account (a three week process), about buying a discount card for public transport (which first required a Dutch bank account), class assessment, getting a cold, having … Continue reading

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The start of a journey

I’m Cara, a student of English literature, Italian and French at Flinders University in Adelaide. This semester I am living the Dutch life while I study at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. I’m using this opportunity to work my way … Continue reading

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